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Yeah, just a smidge.

Somehow you've got everybody fooled...
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1. While I really adore many different feminist authors, I am NOT a feminist, in most senses of the word. THIS IS NOT A FEMINIST GROUP. The opinions posted here, either by the maintainer, or by community members, do NOT nessicarily or sometimes, at all, reflect a feminist point of view. All views expressed herin, are the opinions of the author of the entry, unless otherwise stated. I WANT IT EMINENETLY CLEAR THAT THIS IS NOT A FEMINIST GROUP, NOR IS IT RUN BY A FEMINIST. While a few of the members may be feminist, and I think that's great, they might keep those of us who are more ignorance inclined man hater spouting types in check, THIS IS NOT A FEMINIST GROUP!
2. The title of the community is to be taken lightly. Myself, I do not feel ALL men are morons, and as stated in one, most feminists don't either.
3. Yes, I am brash. Yes, I am harsh and YES I am well aware that I'm "feeding negative male sterotypes." As to THAT one, I have to say this, when society ceases to condone the archaic and long entrenched negative attitudes towards women, and "a woman's place" and "what a woman should be", then, you know what? I'll shut my mouth about certain topics.

Okay, I started this community out of a massive amount of bitterness towards the male of the species, but, I want it clear that, that's not really what this is about. My personal dogmas concerning this matter have raised the ire of a few people, and I want to come right out, here and now as saying, that, upon discussion of this community, its titling, its purpose, more than one person has pointed out a few flaws. Well, that's fine. I'm not saying ALL men are morons. Like I said, have a sense of humour, take the title for just me in a real bad mood, who did it really before thinking. Will I change my title, even if I could? Nope. I figure, you want to belittle me for what you think is just a nasty stereotype by a wanna be feminist who's out to impress a bunch of fellow posuers, then you obviously haven't taken the time to really figure out all the who, what, when, where's and whys. Its really just this viscious circle, don't you think? I mean, I stereotype men, people stereotype me, inadvertantly, I stereotype an entire group of women, when you know what? All I really wanted to do was open a free place for people to rant about their experiences and maybe get some help. I know alot of times, its hard to see the forest for the trees, kids, so, I thought I'd just polish this info page up a bit, so you understand precicely where I am coming from.
I'm angry. I know alot of people are. I had no place to really express my anger. I know alot of people felt the same way. I'm not a cheesy pop psychologist, with a big fancy degree on my wall, I don't use words like, "Closuer" and "Cleansing time". Some people do, and that's fine. But I don't. I get mad, I call people names. Its shitty, its a sign I'm immature. But you know what? Its where I'm at and its where alot of people are. For all I know, someone could join and totally change my views. I know Mango from VP did, and little emmy, when they suggested that I might be making all feminists look like man haters. I didn't mean to do that, and I apologise.
This si what I want this to be, I wrote it when I started it, and it still stands: a safe place for people to come and either rant like hell, (Foul language is FINE!) share experience, or find support. YES the memberships are screened. For several reasons. One, I know alot of men who would join just to flame the shit out of women. Nuh uh. This is where my double standard comes in. If you are a hetero male, and you would like to join to offer sensitive advice, and can be objective and thick skinned, you are more than welcome.
Its not just about the shallower points of men, its more than that, and I hope that is what happens. I hope that people who have been abused, are going through abuse, or even people who are just dealing with crappy relationships, or maybe you have a wonderful relationship and just need someplace to vent safely can come and find community. There is no issue of sexuality, here. If you're a girl with a girl, and she's acting "guy like", rant about it. That's fine. If you're a guy with a guy, and he's being a dick, rant about it.
If you need support, if you feel alone, if you ..whatever, know that you have found a safe place. I realise there's gonna be alot of male bashing, and I hope that, in the midst of it, some actually deep, supportive things, as well.
For those of you who are victims of abuse, or think you might be, I hope that you find some wisdom here, maybe get a little giggle to brighten your day, and hopefully, take the steps needed to get out of whatever you are going through.
Understand that your maintainer believes in tough love, and can be very blunt at times. Unless I actually mean to offend you (which, nine times out of ten, won't happen) don't think I am trying to. I'm pretty clear in my opinions.

Your Maintainer: the_id_kid
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