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Well let me introduce myself, I'm Elizabeth/Lizzy I am a 19 year old kick ass blunt feminist with a soft side for all people, which consequently gets me badly burned.


I have had a bad past with men. First in latter years my father has turned abusive at times but thats a whole nother story. The first guy I dated was 17 I was 14. We were friends but used the title of boyfriend and girlfriend. I was a very naive girl then. One day athis house he started telling me what a prude I was and how ugly  I was he came up behind me and shoved his hands down my pants. I bit him then ran. The second guy I dated and was foolishly engaged to I had never met and by the time I figured out what he was about I was so controlled that I didn't know how to get away. He scared me to the point where I wouldn't go outside because I was afraid I would be raped He told me what to eat what to wear and I had to call him when I wanted to do something. Then theres my current man, Daniel we started dating in 01' we met at the skating rink well last year on our 2 year anniversary his friend came down from Michigan and confessed her love to him. He broke up with me but not before I told him I was pregnant. Going home that night I got in a carwreck. Totalled my car and I was in a neckbrace and I lost the baby.

While at the time of my car wreck, he was fucking this girl. How do I know I called to tell him I was in a wreck but I was ok. And I could tell what he was doing. Well 2 months after that my mother kicked me out of my house and his family were the only ones who would take me in. The girl cheated on him. And he came begging back. Well, I took him back we got engaged and I missed a period  so I went to the doctor and took a test I called the next day and they told me it was positive. So I told my parents and Daniel..he was so exciited. Then we told his parents his father kicked me out and I am now known as the "Bitch" and he will to this day not speak to me. I went to get the printout of the results and it was negative. I was pissed and still am pissed. I and Daniel moved in with my parents and are getting married on the 25th of September and his parents think i'm brainwashing him to marry me. well that was drawn out Sorry ya'll any comments or questions feel free to ask, i'm an open book!!


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