This isn't a hospital! It's an insane asylum! (msboop) wrote in menaremorons,
This isn't a hospital! It's an insane asylum!

Hello and Howdy!


I'm taking a moment to introduce myself and a touch of my philosophy on the societal treatment of the sexes.

My name is Kay. I am (by choice) a divorce 38 year old mother who doesn't date. I love people, but not enough to screw up my daughter's life while kissing frogs.

I am of the opinion that too much of our society (religion in particular) places men on pedestals and women under them. We let them grow up thinking that women are sextoys and that love from a woman is complete submission in all aspects of life, especially sex. There are men, very few, that don't subscribe to this non-sense... I hang out with them and keep them as friends.

We teach our daughters to despise all men, yet conflict that notion with telling them they need men. A little more balance is in order. The future women of this world need to know that there are men who respect women, and they are the ones that are to be cherished, all hateful activities aside.

Ok, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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