This isn't a hospital! It's an insane asylum! (msboop) wrote in menaremorons,
This isn't a hospital! It's an insane asylum!

To All The Men I've Ever Loved Before...

But that I were a fly on the wall
In your stupor, I'd watch you fall
Crying on your empty bed
With thoughts unholy in your head
Pathetic strokes to ease your pain
I'd see it over and over again
The monkey worm is all you know
Because the visions tell you so
I'd slap your mother, given have a chance
She never taught you how to dance
I'd kill your father, if he wasn't dead
For putting all that crap in your head
The more you see, the more you want
She's not a human, you're on the hunt
Fantasy takes you into lust
You view the fantasy as a must
It's such a tragedy played on you
The emptiness will consume you too
You'll never know real love my friend
You only know the means to the end
Now I... am just a fly on the wall
Flying away... away from you all.

Just my thoughts on men who view sex, porn, masturbation, and fantasy as the most important thing in their lives. Which, unfortunately, is most men.
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